Partnership And Collaboration At Asultancy

Asultancy features a dedicated and innovative team for effective collaboration with various companies or organizations.
Check out our cool partnerships with these great organizations: Reskills Hub Edtech, Alibaba Cloud, Soft-Tech Innovation, MACROKIOSK, Nazrinshah Tailor, OvalApp, Uniti Office Sdn. Bhd, Pejuang Usahawan, and Elyzian Interactive.
Together, we’re making a difference and growing business successfully. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

Collaboration with OvalApp Sdn. Bhd.

We are so happy to announce a collaboration with OvalApp Sdn. Bhd. This collaboration allows us to take a significant step towards a digital economy with zero carbon emissions.
On the 14th of March 2023, the CEO of ‘’Asultancy’’ met with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of OvalApp Sdn. Bhd. at their office.
They discuss our collaboration on their digital business card and no-carbon fintech solutions. This partnership reinforces our dedication to sustainable digital practices, contributing to a greener world.

Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud

On the 3rd of July, our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) engaged in fruitful discussions with Alibaba Cloud Malaysia. Mr. Shan Lee, Channel Manager, and Mr. Goh Tian Horng, Solution Architect, warmly welcomed our CEO to explore collaboration opportunities. This collaboration, aimed at implementing Alibaba Cloud solutions, holds great promise for innovative and robust solutions that will shape the future of ‘’Asultancy’’. This collaboration strengthens Asultancy’s digital innovation, enhancing client service capabilities.

Collaboration with Reskills Hub Edtech Sdn. Bhd.

Here is our new announcement for a new collaboration with Reskills Hub Edtech Sdn. Bhd.. Here we aimed for a dedicated partnership aligned with the Global Reskilling Movement. This initiative focuses on social empowerment by providing complimentary education and essential skills development globally.
As part of this collaboration, ‘Asultancy’ actively contributes by offering complimentary accounts to underprivileged individuals. This demonstrates our commitment to empowering businesses and those with limited access to education.

Collaboration with Soft-Tech Innovation Ltd.

‘’Asultancy’’ has entered into a Service Level Agreement (SLA) partnership with Soft-Tech Innovation Ltd., a reputable software development company established in 2005.
This collaboration, marked by a meeting with Mr. AM ISHTIAQUE SARWAR, Founder & Managing Director of Soft Tech Innovation Ltd., includes joint initiatives with their subsidiaries, ‘AamarPay’ and ‘MuthoFun.’ We eagerly anticipate leveraging this partnership for mutual growth and innovation.

Collaboration with MACROKIOSK BHD.

Let’s introduce MACROKIOSK BHD., a market leader in enterprise solutions. ‘’Asultancy’’ forms a strategic partnership with this company. Through this collaboration, clients gain access to cutting-edge technology solutions from us.
The ‘BOLD. pay Enterprise’s platform, offered as part of this partnership, further enhances the range of services available to clients. Together, we strive to empower businesses and drive success across Asia and beyond, offering solutions like ‘omni-channel’ communication, multichannel payment, analytical customer engagement, and actionable marketing solutions.

Collaboration with Nazrinshah Tailor

‘’Nazrinshah Tailor’’ and ‘’Asultancy’’ are joining forces to digitize traditional businesses, focusing on SMEs. Through this collaboration, we aim to bring their businesses online, streamline their operations, and empower them to thrive in the digital age. Together, we are shaping the future of commerce through innovation and digital transformation. With Asultancy’s digital expertise, ‘’Nazrinshah Tailor’’ intends to expand its market and improve customer experience, ensuring steady growth in today’s digital world.

Collaboration with Uniti Office Sdn. Bhd

‘’Asultancy’’ is proud to announce its collaboration with ‘’Uniti Office Sdn. Bhd’’. The MOU signing ceremony between ‘’Mysolusy’’ and ‘’Uniti Office Sdn. Bhd’’. signifies a strategic partnership. Asrafur Rahman (Ashraf), Founder & CEO of Mysolusy, and Aziz Jaffar, CEO of Uniti Office Sdn. Bhd. has sealed this partnership to integrate Mysolusy software packages into Uniti Office’s virtual office offerings, enhancing its service portfolio. ‘’Asultancy’’ is excited about the potential of this partnership to drive innovation and convenience for businesses utilizing Uniti Office’s co-working and virtual office spaces.

Collaboration with Pejuang Usahawan

‘’ Asultancy’’ is excited to announce its collaboration with ‘’Pejuang Usahawan’’, a leading company secretary in Malaysia, to empower newly registered businesses. Our Founder & CEO, Mr. Ashraf, alongside Pejuang Usahawan’s CEO, Mr. Ahmad Zairul, and Commercial Officer, Mr. Ahmed Lutfi, have joined forces to offer Mysolusy software to SMEs incorporating their companies through ‘’Pejuang Usahawan’’. This partnership aims to streamline business operations and support the growth of emerging enterprises in Malaysia.

Collaboration with Elyzian Interactive

Asultancy’s CEO Ashraf Rahman partners with Elyzian Interactive’s CEO Ferdy Fauzi in a groundbreaking collaboration. Together, ‘’Mysolusy’’ and ‘’Elyzian Interactive’’ are integrating our software into their training packages, offering SME owners a comprehensive solution. Attendees will receive Mysolusy software and expert training to optimize their business operations. This strategic alliance aims to drive digital transformation and enhance operational efficiency for SMEs, solidifying our commitment to empowering businesses through innovative solutions.

-Ultimately, these partnerships underscore our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and positively influencing diverse sectors. ‘Asultancy’ anticipates sustained growth and success through these impactful collaborations, aligned with our focus on digitizing traditional businesses and empowering SMEs.

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