Asultancy R&D: Transforms challenges into groundbreaking solutions!

At, we are a team of dedicated professionals keen to innovate the best digital solutions. We have diverse experts to lead our in-house R&D team to explore the Blockchain & AI (artificial intelligence) intersection.

Blockchain Research

We have our in-house research team. Our blockchain research team actively explores the latest advancements, ensuring real-world applications. We don’t just study blockchain; we apply it. We focus on practical & flexible solutions perfectly integrated across diverse industries. Our focus extends beyond the theoretical aspects of blockchain. We prioritise the development of secure and scalable solutions, ensuring maximum user efficiency.

Blockchain Research

AI (Artificial Intelligence) Research

We prefer Machine Learning Innovations. Our AI research encompasses machine learning, exploring novel algorithms and models to enhance predictive analytics and decision-making processes. Our NLP (Natural Language Processing) research aims to create AI systems that can understand, interpret, and generate human-like language. Our AI research includes Robotic Process Automation (RPA), using automated robots to make operations more efficient and simplify routine tasks. Lastly, our expertise in computer vision opens new possibilities for AI applications with research & development in image recognition, object detection, and visual understanding.

Asultancy AI

Smart Contract

Our R&D team is proactive and passionate about finding updated solutions. We created A “Smart Contract” that anticipates the major role of the Zakat Management System. Using remix solidity, we created a simple smart contract application.

The Ethereum Blockchain Network (EBN) is used to build the contract, which performs functions for the Zakat Management System.

Fiat Exchange

We are pleased to present this detailed proposal for the development of a “Fiat Currency Exchange platform”. This platform will provide users with the ability to engage in online trading for various currencies in different countries, enabling borderless transactions.

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