What services does Asultancy provide?

Asultancy offers various IT solutions, from custom software and cross-platform app development to SaaS solutions like Visitor Management Solutions, Distribution Management Systems, E-commerce Platforms, Hospital/Clinic Management, and Pharmacy Management. We simplify technology for seamless business operations. Our expertise extends to Software Development, Website Design and Development, Mobile And Web App Development, Graphics and UI/UX design, SaaS (Software as a service), and Data analytics.
In a word, We just take a complete approach to meet your It business needs.

What industries does Asultancy cater to with its software solutions?

We customize solutions for various industries, helping organizations flourish in the ever-changing tech and business landscape. Our adaptable approach ensures tailored success for every sector, whether it’s finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education, retail, or logistics. Also, we believe in limitless work scope, thus we work broader to meet any Digital purpose.

Can Asultancy develop custom software applications for my business?
What platforms does Asultancy develop apps for?

Our skilled team at Asultancy excels in app development for a wide range of platforms, including iOS, Android, and versatile cross-platform solutions. Whether you’re targeting a specific OS or a broader scope, we ensure high-quality, user-friendly applications that meet your diverse audience’s needs.

What are the benefits of choosing Asultancy for website development?

Because Asultancy guarantees you a standout digital presence. Our commitment to cutting-edge design, user-friendly interfaces, mobile responsiveness, and SEO optimization. We also ensure your website not only looks great but also performs exceptionally well, making a lasting impact in the digital era.

What kind of Saas software solutions does Asultancy offer?

Asultancy provides SaaS solutions like Visitor Management Solutions, Distribution Management Systems, E-commerce Platforms, Hospital/Clinic Management, Pharmacy Management, and more. We also offer White labeling, a perpetual license, etc. In a word, we offer a full Custom software solution for your digital business.

Can Asultancy help with graphics and UI/UX design for my applications and websites?

Asultancy is here to assist with graphics and UI/UX design for your applications and websites. Our talented designers can create visually appealing graphics and user-friendly interfaces. Whether it is your applications or websites, we make it to make your audience happy and satisfied.

What are the advantages of using Asultancy Saas (Software-as-a-Service) solutions?

Asultancy offers SaaS solutions that are accessible from anywhere. Our SaaS expertise goes with faster deployment, predictable costs, and global accessibility. Asultancy SaaS service ensures easy scalability and seamless adaptation to any updates. We also help you to reduce your IT burden with seamless collaboration, and extreme security measures. Ultimately you should take our SaaS service because we make your business operations effective, user-friendly, and much more!

Does Asultancy offer IT support and maintenance services?

Asultancy offers complete IT support and maintenance services. You will get reliable IT support from us. We also ensure smooth operations and optimal performance.

Can Asultancy assist with integrating API Connectivity software with our existing systems?

Yes, Asultancy can assist with integrating API connectivity software with your existing systems. Our expert team is here to optimize your overall system performance, ensuring a smooth and efficient data flow.

What is the process of engaging Asultancy for a software development project?

Consultancy is our key to success. However, our process starts with a thorough discussion to grasp your needs. We offer a proposal, then move through development, testing, and deployment. Also, we focus on regular ongoing communication to make our project successful.

Here is the book consultation link. Just click once, and enjoy the easiest deal with us. Also, you can go to our software development page to learn more.

Does Asultancy provide training for using new software applications?

Asultancy offers comprehensive training programs to ensure users are proficient in utilizing new software applications. We train users until they gain sufficient skills. Also, we look after users’ adoption and proficiency in new applications.

Can I schedule a consultation to discuss my project's requirements?

Yes, of course! You can contact us in so many ways with us.  We’ll be delighted to discuss your project needs in detail. Here are our contact details-

Direct Booking-Consultation 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +601123141369 (WhatsApp too)

Does Asultancy have experience in serving international clients?

Yes, our established track record extends globally, serving clients locally and internationally. Our globally proven track record highlights Asultancy’s commitment to delivering excellence. Since 2018 clients have benefited from our diverse expertise both locally and internationally.

What sets Asultancy apart from other IT solution providers?

We use consultancy methods, which is the main feature that sets us apart from other IT solution providers. Also, we give extreme priority to our all customers. We Maintain long-term relationships, SLA Agreements, etc. Also, after handing over the project to our clients we maintain a Long-term maintenance contract. Another important matter of us, we train our customers properly until they become proficient with the newly launched project. Overall, you do your business; we will handle the technology part.

Does Asultancy offer free consultations for prospective clients?

Asultancy provides free consultations for prospective clients. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your IT needs, understand your goals, and offer insights into how our solutions can best support and enhance your business. Our clients are more than anything to us! So for our prospective clients, we can consider anything. You can book free consultancy just with one click from here- Consultation link.

Is Asultancy open to collaborations with other businesses or agencies?

Asultancy is open to collaborations with businesses and agencies. We love teaming up to create great things and bring fresh ideas to life. Let’s build something innovative together! Contact us to explore how we can collaborate and achieve mutual success. For collaboration/partnership, please send an email to [email protected].

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